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what’s new in CommPay  for 2013

213-73 - 213-77 beta testing for the CommPay conversion to SQL.
213-72 release available 10/16/2013
213-72 - CommPay web - bug fix - technician blind inventory audit - discrepancies were being erroneously calculated. This has been fixed.
213-71 release available 10/15/2013
213-71 - Directv fulfillment version - the date of inventory added to stock can now be set by the user instead of only defaulting to the current date. This feature is access controlled.
213-71 - all versions - technician inventory assignments and returns are now each assigned a unique batch number. This allows for multiple assignments and returns for the same technician to be processed in the same day and each assignment and return have it's own sign-off sheet rather than a single sign-off for the entire day.
213-71 - CommPay web - technician signatures can now be captured for inventory assignments and returns. The technician is automatically emailed the signed copy of the sign-off sheet and a copy is permanently saved in the technician's staff record.
213-70 release available 10/08/2013
213-70 - Exede version - the new CommPay Exede Fulfillment version is officially released. This new CommPay option provides full business management capabilities to Viasat’s Exede fulfillment dealers.
213-58 - 213-69 beta testing for the new CommPay web server.
213-57 release available 08/26/2013
213-57 - HughesNet version - CommPay has been updated to adjust for changes in the HughesNet DWay web site that caused the CommPay HughesNet importer and job refresher to quit working..
213-52 - 213-56 beta testing for the new CommPay web server.
213-51 release available 07/23/2013
213-51 - HughesNet version - CommPay has been updated for adjust for changes in the RSI web site.
213-50 release available 07/16/2013
213-50 - DNS version - CommPay has been updated to interface directly with the DNS Partners web site. This allows for automated download and import of DNS payments and credits.
213-32 - 213-49 beta testing for new features - including new runtime library, new CommPay web server and interface with EzTexting.com
213-31 release available 05/12/2013
Important Notice - release 213-31 and higher will require a CommPay re-register on your CommPay server. Do not install this release or any higher release until you have talked to CommPay support.
213-31 - DNS version - a change was made to the Dish Network retailer web site that caused CommPay to not return the receiver cost when importing inventory orders via order number. This has been fixed.
213-30 release available 05/09/2013
213-30 - all versions - automated inventory invoice importing has been added for CVS Systems. This allows the user to import an entire CVS Systems invoice into the inventory database with a single button click.
213-29 beta testing
213-28 beta testing
213-27 - all versions - a second email address has been added to the staff record that is to be dedicated for emailing payroll reports to.
213-26 release available 04/25/2013
213-26 - DNS version - the dns ra submit and dns receiver import processes have both been fixed after changes to the Dish Network retailer web site caused them to stop working.
213-26 - DNS version - both the card and caid number can now be exempted from dns receiver speed entry. This allows for the speed entry of Hughes equipment.
213-25 beta testing
213-24 beta testing
213-23 beta testing
213-22 beta testing
213-21 beta testing
213-20 release available 04/10/2013
213-20 - DNS version - DNS receiver import by order number - if there were multiple stores listed in the retailer care site and a store did not have a fax number that store would not appear on the store selection list. This has been fixed.
213-20 - DNS version - the ETA Direct receiver assign and return has been fixed after internal changes were made to the ETA Directv web site.
213-20 - all versions - user-defined job postcall scripts have been added. This allows the user to display a predefined script that can be read to customers at the time of the postcall.
213-20 - all versions - the job postcall record has been updated to include a 6-point customer questionnaire check list.
213-20 - all versions - the inventory assignment summary report has been updated to include filters for user-logged.
213-20 - all versions - access control saved profiles have been added. This allows the access control settings for one staff member to be saved in a user-defined profile and then used later to select as a new profile for another staff member. This new feature saves the work of having to set all the access control check boxes one-at-a-time.
213-19 beta testing
213-18 beta testing
213-17 beta testing
213-16 release available 03/27/2013
213-16 - HughesNet version - bug fix - RA requests submitted through the tech web portal were not being submitted to Perfect-10 because of a change in the Perfect-10 web site. This has been fixed.
213-16 - all versions - store and technician inventory recon report - a bulk inventory select button has been added. This allows for non-serialized inventory to be selected in bulk in addition to being added as single part numbers.
213-16 - DNS version - an audit date select button has been added to the DNS job record.
213-16 - DNS version - DNS inventory to be returned report - a filter has been added to allow for the inclusion of only serialized, only non-serialized, and both serialized and non-serialized items on the report.
213-15 release available 03/20/2013
213-15 - all versions - user-defined toolbox - the user's toolbox was not being saved as unique to each user's logon - this has been fixed.
213-15 - DNS version - an additional checkbox for “Connectivity Already Exists” has been added to the DNS job connectivity record.
213-15 - DNS version - a manual return button for the ETA technician inventory bucket list has been added to the inventory assignment and return window. This allows for a non-stock receiver to be removed from the ETA bucket list with a single button click.
213-15 - all versions - Directv satellite sale functions - the Directv dealer payment import has been totally automated. QuickPay reports can now be imported with a single button click. This replaces the old Directv dealer payment import method where the QuickPay report needed to be exported to a spreadsheet to be imported.
213-14 beta testing
213-13 beta testing
213-12 release available 03/12/2013
213-12 - HughesNet version - CommPay has been updated to adjust for internal changes in the Perfect-10 web site. This fixes problems with the Perfect-10 invoice download, the Perfect-10 Hughes document and image aging report, the Perfect-10 view Hughes job function, and the Perfect-10 Hughes RA submit process.
213-11 release available 02/25/2013
213-11 - all versions - Directv satellite sale - Directv sales automation has been completely rewritten to use a custom Internet Explorer plug-in - this allows the Directv satellite sale to be entered through CommPay and the sale data to be retrieved via the plug-in from Internet Explorer and automatically entered into the CommPay sale. The Directv business rules have been updated in CommPay to allow for the correct calculation of dealer ppc payments.
213-11 - DNS version - the ETA refresh process and ETA import process have been updated to include Hughes equipment in the job equipment list and to automatically detect and add Hughes radios and modems to the inventory used list.
213-11 - all versions - printed job proposal - the terminology in a printed proposal has been enhanced to show the job is a proposal and not a standard service and repair job type.
213-11 - all versions - Directv satellite equipment inventory - the Directv cinema connection kit, LNB, and satellite dish have all been given an alternate retail price just as a satellite receiver currently has. This allows for a zero price in a satellite sale but the alternate price in any other job type.
213-10 release available 02/18/2013
213-10 - DNS version - the trouble call report has been enhanced to automatically create DNS jobs that are not found during the trouble call data import.
213-09 release available 02/14/2013
213-09 - all versions - bug fixes for the Perfect-10 invoice import.
213-08 release available 02/13/2013
213-08 - all versions - automated inventory invoice import has been added for Perfect-10. This allows the user to import an entire Perfect-10 invoice into the inventory database with a single button click.
213-07 release available 02/07/2013
213-07 - DNS version - the RA submission process for receivers was broken because of internal changes to the retailer web site - this has been fixed.
213-07 - all versions - the legacy payroll summary report was erroneously showing detail items on the printed report that should not be there - this has been fixed.
213-07 - all versions - the customer lead record now has an added field for the referral account number and a check box for customer credit check consent. This information automatically transfers to the satellite sale when a lead is converted to a sale.
213-07 - all versions - open jobs list - the auto-find job entry field was not automatically locating the entered job number - this has been fixed.
213-07 - all versions - the CommPay MyToolbox menu has been updated and is now a floating window that can be docked to any location in the main frame window.
213-07 - all versions - the printed customer invoice for satellite sales was not printing the selected programming package for Directv sales - this has been fixed.
213-06 release available 01/23/2013
213-06 - all versions - the external customer import process has been updated to prevent duplicate record error messages from stopping the import.
213-05 release available 01/22/2013
213-05 - all versions - itemized payroll has been extended to all technicians and sales staff in all job types. Previously, itemized payroll could only be used with the job primary technician.
213-05 - all versions - staff payroll packages have been added - this allows for the creation of user-defined pay packages for both technicians and sales staff. Each staff member can have his/her package individually defined.
213-05 - all versions - after the runtime library update the printed technician inventory assignment report was not printing all items - this has been fixed.
213-05 - all versions - the printed staff payroll report was erroneously subtotaling when a user-defined single payment record had both a zero payment amount and a zero points amount - this has been fixed.
213-05 - all versions - the CommPay internal word processor used for letter, contract, and document creation has been overhauled, enhanced, and updated.
213-04 release available 01/15/2013
213-04 - all versions - the receiver model list has been added to the standard satellite sale printed invoice. This feature already existed on the printed technician work sheet.
213-04 - all versions - bug fix - technician inventory transfer - point-of-sale non-serialized inventory transfers from one technician to another technician was not completing and generating an error message - this has been fixed.
213-04 - all versions - bug fix - the Directv satellite sale followup days setup was not allowing for the selection of more that a 2-digit number of days - this has been fixed.
213-04 - all versions -  bug fix - the programming package was not transferring from the contact record when the contact was converted to a satellite sale - this has been fixed.
213-04 - all versions - bug fix - the send-tech-email for schedule change function was generating an error message when the job had not yet been saved one time - this has been fixed.
213-03 release available 01/15/2013
213-03 - HughesNet version - an option has been added to allow for the job completed date to be set to the scheduled date rather than the closed date when the job is closed.
213-03 - HughesNet version - an option has been added to allow for Hughes job locking when the job is audited rather than when the job is closed.
213-02 release available 01/13/2013
213-02 - all versions - a unique disclaimer can now be entered for each individual satellite sale. This is in addition to the existing system-wide house disclaimer.
213-02 - all versions - purchase order detail email - three entries for email cc has been added to purchase order email setup. This allows for up to three email carbon copy addresses to be automatically added to vendor purchase order emails.
213-01 release available 01/10/2013
213-01 - all versions - Directv satellite sale - automatic hardware reimbursement calculations have been added for LNBs and Dishes.
213-01 - all versions - customer auto-billing and reoccurring billing - the auto-billing invoice now can have a user-defined header to replace the standard CommPay 4-line invoice header.
213-01 - all versions - satellite sale - the customer lead record now records the model number types for the pending sale. The model number types are transferred to the actual sale record when the lead is converted. The receiver model list can be added to or modified in the satellite sale record and the list of receiver models prints on the technician worksheet.
213-01 - all versions - the printed counter sale now includes the user logged in.
213-01 - all versions - an Active Leads tab has been added to the customer lead list. The new tab shows only leads that have not been converted to a sale.
213-01 - all versions - the staff time clock report is now included in the print-out of the staff payroll summary so does not need to be printed separately.
213-01 - all versions - staff payroll report - a staff payroll summary report has been added that shows gross pay, net pay, and deductions by category for any desired date range.
213-01 - all versions - bug fix - when CommPay was run from a public IP address rather than a local IP address on a network, it was necessary to logout to terminate the program. This has been fixed.
213-01 - all versions - staff payroll deductions can now be given a user-defined deduction category.
213-01 - all versions - inventory can now be directly imported from RSI by entering the RSI invoice number. CommPay uses the RSI web services to locate and import the entire invoice and add to stock with a single button click.
213-01 - DNS version - a reset-dealer-due function has been added to allow for a chosen date range of dns jobs to have all dealer payments due cleared to zero.
213-01 - DNS version - the ETA receiver upload and return function has been updated to work with ETA Direct 4.4.
213-01 - DNS version - the DNS trouble call report has an additional filter now where the user can choose to include only closed jobs in the total job count calculation.
213-01 - all versions - the mailing list report has been modified to include a date completed filter that applies to all job types. The email address list for the mailing list can now be filtered to remove exempt email addresses. The exempt email addresses are saved for the next session and can be removed from the email list with a single button click.
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