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what’s new in CommPay  for 2005

109-62 11/29/2005 posted web connect option - beta upgrade - Directv access card validation can now be done directly from within a satellite sale record with a single button click.
109-62 11/25/2005 all versions - beta upgrade - a report for Directv probationary accounts has been added. The probationary account list can be downloaded from the Directv retailer web site and imported into CommPay. The probationary account report generated by CommPay can be viewed, printed, or exported to a spreadsheet.
109-61 11/12/2005 posted - all versions - dealer payment import from RSI website - the export file type 2 has been changed on the RSI web site - CommPay has been updated to reflect the changes.
109-61 11/12/2005 dnsc version - the window showing all dnsc receiver assignments to individual technicians has been updated to show the vendor. A spreadsheet and printed report has been added to the window.
109-60 11/08/2005 posted - beta upgrade - fine tuning of remote sales center fax import option.
109-59 10/24/2005 posted - beta upgrade - reporting functions have been added to the remote sales center faxing option package - this allows reports to be generated and exported to a spreadsheet.
109-58 10/20/2005 posted - beta upgrade - a fully redesigned backup and restore package had been added to the CommPay beta program.
105-58 10/20/2005 - point-of-sale version - month-end posting process - an erroneous error message related to the jbbyreg.tps file not being open during the month end posting process has been fixed.
109-57 10/10/2005 posted - all versions - Directv web connect - the web connect feature has been updated to adjust for changes to the Directv dealer retail site. The county selection window was not displaying when the Directv web site required the customer's county to be manually selected. This has been fixed.
109-56 10/06/2005 posted - point-of-sale - bug fix - posting process - account errors were intermittantly being created when an actual error condition did not exist - this has been fixed.
109-55 10/06/2005 posted - dnsc version - RA dispute records and spreadsheet - the dnsc RA dispute record has been modifed to allow for editing after record creation - this will allow for resending a record by removing the date of inquiry from the record. The spreadsheet has been modified to allow for defective stock items to show on the spreadsheet.
109-54 10/04/2005 posted - beta upgrade - point-of-sale - employee payment summary - itemization of employee chargebacks has been added to the reports - this shows subtotals of labor and parts chargebacks.
109-53 10/01/2005 posted - beta upgrade - dnsc version - added the ability to change an already-assigned technician in the dsnc job record to another tech without deleting general inventory used first. Added itemization for employee chargebacks in the employee payment summary report.
109-52 09/26/2005 posted - beta upgrade - continuing refinements to features released in 109-50
109-52 09/20/2005 - all versions - customer record - when a duplicate phone number, social security number, or credit card number is detected while saving a customer record the record save can be prevented by checking the appropriate check box in program setup. The aborted save can be overridden by the entry of an administrative password thus allowing selective saving of the customer record. Previously the user was notified of the duplicate but was allowed to save the record. This feature can be turned on or off at the discretion of the user.
109-51 09/12/2005 posted - beta upgrade - continuing refinements to features released in 109-50.
109-50 09/06/2005 posted - beta upgrade - dnsc - initial changes and testing of new dnsc job payment due tracking - dnsc job payments due are tracked by entire job rather than individual payment descriptions.
109-50 08/12/2005 beta upgrade - point-of-sale & dnsc - technician job duration selection - the job duration has been extended from 8 hours to 12 hours in half-hour increments for satellite sales, service and repair jobs, and dnsc jobs.
109-49 08/11/2005 posted - point-of-sale version - open job list - jobs can now be located by the customer purchase order number on the open job list.
109-48 08/04/2005 posted - beta upgrade - point-of-sale - employee payment summary and user-defined tech payments - user-defined tech payments can now be tagged as either labor or parts reimbursement. The employee payment summary subtotals the labor and parts reimbursement totals on the printed report and spreadsheet. The check-all feature on the employee payment summary can now be filtered by individual stores. The technician chargeback feature has been added to the dnsc job type in addition to the satellite sale job type.
109-47 08/01/2005 posted - beta upgrade
109-46 07/29/2005 posted - all versions - two additional spreadsheet columns, customer zip code and customer state, have been added to the standard dealer payment dispute spreadsheet.
109-46 07/29/2005 point-of-sale version - employee payment summary - an employee chargeback feature has been added to the satellite sale job type. This allows for an employee payment chargeback to be added to a job record that can be used with a payperiod date. The employee chargebacks can be assigned to the sales person or any one of the three possible technicians for each job. The employee chargeback is independant of regular employee pay and can be added after the employee has been paid for a job. A check-all button has been added to the employee payment summary that displays a list of all employees to be paid per the filters used. The employee payment summary can be exported to a spreadsheet in addition to being printed.
109-45 07/15/2005 posted - beta upgrade
109-44 07/12/2005 posted - dnsc version - the dnsc RA recon spreadsheet has been updated to match the dnsc issued RA recon template.
109-43 07/08/2005 posted - dnsc version - the labor and equipment summary was not reporting the correct amounts from dnsc jobs posted to history - this has been fixed.
109-42 07/06/2005 posted - all versions - the activation forecast report has been updated to show total exptected activations for the current month in addition to any given date range.
109-41 07/05/2005 posted - point-of-sale version - changed serial number inventory record so store assignment tab is shown regardless of the inventory item being designated as satellite inventory or not.
109-40 07/05/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-39 07/01/2005 posted - all versions - a satellite sale activation forecast report has been added - this new report allows future activation counts to be forecasted from past satellite sales.
109-38 06/27/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-37 06/24/2005 posted - all versions - dealer payment import from Dow Electronics - Dow Electronics dealer payment import has been updated to take into account dhpp residuals and the new format of the Dow downloaded file.
109-36 06/21/2005 posted - all versions - payment dispute spreadsheet - a new dispute spreadsheet has been added for Dow Electronics payment research requests. The new spreadsheet exactly matches the Dow-issued research template.
109-35 06/17/2005 posted - pos version - receiver import from spreadsheet - bug fix - an error message appeared after the xls file was selected related to file access for rec_ird.txt file - this has been fixed.
109-35 06/17/2005 dnsc version - RA credit due spreadsheet - the job technician name has been added to the RA credit due spreadsheet.
109-34 06/15/2005 posted - pos version - bug fix - serial number records - if a program crash occured while accessing a serial number record an orphaned record could be created and cause a duplicate-key error under certain circumstances - this has been fixed.
109-33 06/15/2005 posted - all versions - activation report - a new filter for region has been added to the activation report and a new filter for satellite service calls has been added to the activation report.
109-33 06/12/2005 pos version - bug fix - satellite receiver import from spreadsheet - a bug in the receiver import process caused a duplicate numbering error after an import and then an attempt to manually scan receivers via speed entry - this has been fixed.
109-33 06/09/2005 dnsc version - service code grid import - the service code import process has been updated to import the 5-sheet EPP grid. This allows for the service code grid to be imported directly without any sheets needing to be deleted.
109-32 05/31/2005 posted - dnsc version - labor and credit summary report - bug fix - jobs that are posted to history were not being included in this report in all filtering scenarios - this has been fixed.
109-32 05/28/2005 point-of-sale version - inventory forecasting report - forecast grand total and region grand totals have been added and a filter has been added to allow for the display of store sub totals that do not have any sales within the sample date range.
109-31 05/26/2005 posted - point-of-sale version - an inventory forecasting report has been added. This report samples all sales for any date range entered and then reports the inventory needed for any number of days per the average sales for the sampling period. The report is summarized by the entire business, sales regions, and single stores. Extensive changes are made to the general inventory record and purchase order record to facilitate this report. Each store quantity record now shows the quantity on order for each store in addition to the quantity on hand for each store.
109-30 05/24/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-29 05/24/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-28 05/17/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-28 05/12/2005 all versions - the activation report has been optimized for much faster generation.
109-28 05/11/2005 all versions - a new inventory report feature has been added - Serialized Item Tracking Report - this feature allows for a search by serial number, card number, or caid number and shows a complete history of the item - when it was added to inventory, when assigned, when transfered, when used, when returned, etc. along with all of the details of each transaction. This works for all serialized inventory including satellite receivers and non-satellite receiver inventory.
109-27 05/09/2005 posted - all versions - activation report - bug fix - when any receiver added to a satellite sale had the "do not include in activation report" check box checked the entire job was being excluded from the activation report rather than just the single receiver record - this has been fixed.
109-27 05/07/2005 point-of-sale version - a aging report for serialized inventory has been added. This report shows how long each serialized inventory item has been onhand by less than 30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days, 91-120 days, and over 120 days. The report can be printed or exported to a spreadsheet.
109-27 05/07/2005 all versions - technician and sales person payments - a pay-period field has been added to all job windows. This allows each job to be assigned a specific pay period date for employee payments. The employee payment summary can then be filtered by job pay period in addition to date of sale and date of installation.
109-27 05/06/2005 point-of-sale version - purchase order receiver entry - the satellie receiver entry window for purchase orders has been redesigned for speed entry.
109-26 05/04/2005 posted - point-of-sale version and dnsc version - technician inventory assignment report - the printed report was not showing the print date and print time - this has been fixed.
109-26 05/04/2005 all versions - support for geographic regions has been added - each store can be assigned to a specifc user-defined region. Each region can consist of one or more stores. Jobs can be filtered by region. An open-jobs-by-region list has been added.
109-26 05/03/2005 point-of-sale version - bug fix - inventory speed assignment and transfer - the pos general inventory part numbers were not showing on the general inventory part number drop list - this was because the check box for this function was not visible in the inventory record - this has been fixed
109-26 04/25/2005 dnsc version - an inventory speed usage feature has been added to the dnsc job record - this allows for all inventory used to be added by a single-field entry window. The receiver ca-id number and the general inventory part number are entered in the same place allowing for extremely fast inventory entry in the dnsc job record.
109-26 04/25/2005 dnsc version - duplicate memo checking for EFT/CM importing - when importing a dnsc eft or credit memo the credit memo or eft number in the import is checked to see if it has already been imported and if it has the user is given the option of exiting the import process.
109-25 04/23/2005 posted - dnsc version - bug fix - dnsc receiver import from remote location - the model number was not importing from the remote spreadsheet - this has been fixed.
109-25 04/23/2005 dnsc version - the dnsc inventory speed assignment window was causing internittant error messages regarding the employee.tps file not being opened - this has been fixed.
109-24 04/20/2005 posted - dnsc version - bug fix - eft and labor import browse window - a bug was preventing the browse window from displaying the import file - this has been fixed.
109-24 04/20/2005 dnsc version - remote receiver import from csv - this procedure has been updated to use the user-defined receiver models.
109-24 04/20/2005 dnsc version - bug fix - job import - not all econnect export types were being recognized by the job import process - this has been fixed.
109-24 04/20/2005 point-of-sale version - an enhanced inventory assignment and transfer procedure has been added. This allows for faster assignment of receiver and general inventory to technicians and allows for speed return of inventory from technicians. Store transfers of receivers can also be done from this procedure. A receiver transfer report has been added to inventory reports. These features already exist in the dnsc version.
109-23 04/19/2005 posted dnsc version - the dnsc job import function has been redone to accomodate the new econnect job export files.
109-23 04/19/2005 web connect option - MapPoint mileage checker - the user can now manually add or subtract addtional technician mileage to be used in the technician mileage report.
109-22 04/14/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-21 04/13/2005 posted - point-of-sale and dnsc versions - technician inventory assignment report - a starting and ending date has been added to allow for the filtering of technician inventory assignments by date of assignment.
109-21 04/12/2005 dnsc version - the equipment-used/equipment-credits mismatch message in the dnsc job record has been modified so the user can elect to make changes to the dnsc job record directly rather than having to save the record and reenter for editing.
109-21 04/12/2005 all versions - customer contact record - the referral person in the customer contact record can now be selected from the employee list in addition to being selected from the customer list. Referral reports have been updated to show employee referral information.
109-20 04/09/2005 posted - all versions - letter and contract data tokens have been added for the web connect distributor for Dish Network and the web connect distributor for Directv.
109-19 04/08/2005 posted - all versions - activation report - a filter for customers who were required to pay the activation fee upfront (Directv) has been added to the activation report along with an additional column. A second spreadsheet layout has also been added - the user can choose which spreadsheet layout to use when the activation report is created. The receiver model number has been added to the receiver information.
109-19 04/07/2005 dnsc version - all dnsc satellite receiver model selection lists are now user defined. The receiver reimbursement list is used for dnsc satellite receiver model selection.
109-19 04/06/2005 web connect option - Directv account creation - web connect for Directv now monitors if the customer needs to make prepayment for account activation and saves this information in the satellite sale record. The satellite sale has a new checkbox that indicates if the customer agrees to a credit check for Directv and also indicates if the customer declines to make the prepayment for Directv account activation.
109-18 04/04/2005 posted - dnsc version - dnsc payment and credit imports - a spreadsheet has been added to the dnsc payment and credit import window for the export of unapplied payment records.
109-17 03/31/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-16 03/23/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-15 03/09/2005 posted - web connect option - the web connect option has been fixed for dish network account creation.
109-14 03/09/2005 posted - word processor option - mail merge has been added to the mailing list feature to be used in conjunction with the word processor option. This allows a mailing list to be created and then the customer record information to be automatically merged into each document.
109-14 03/08/2005 all versions - dealer payment import - Dish Network dealer payment new file type - the customer account number was not importing with payments in the new file type for Dish Network dealer payments - this has been fixed.
109-14 03/07/2005 all versions - dealer payment import - the dealer payment import process has been updated to detect residual payment imports from All Systems distributor dealer payment files - prior to this All Systems residual payments were being detected as regular payments and not residual payments.
109-14 03/07/2005 all versions - employee payment summary - the detail of each tech payment can now be viewed along with the payment summary. The payment detail shows the breakdown of each individual payment used to calculate the total payment due for each job record. The tech payment detail also prints on the printed report.
109-13 03/04/2005 posted - dnsc version - dnsc payment/credit import - a "force apply" function has been added to manually force the imported payment/credit to be applied to the payment/credit due record - this is used when an imported payment is for a recon request and the imported payment task description does not match any payment due task description.
109-13 03/04/2005 dnsc version - bug fix - dnsc labor and credit summary report - this report was not correctly showing equipment credits received - this was related to the changes in EPP payment import. This has been fixed.
109-13 03/04/2005 dnsc version - bug fix - web remote - dnsc job import - remote users could not import certain file types from e-connect downloads - this has been fixed.
109-12 03/03/2005 posted - dnsc version - the remaining processes on the dnsc payment/credit import window have been updated for the new EPP import types. These include reset-to-unprocessed, apply-single, and undo-batch.
109-11 03/02/2005 posted - dnsc version - a payment-re-apply feature has been added to the dnsc job record. This is used when payments and credits are refreshed and payments need to be manually reapplied. The user can match payments received to payments due by clicking on a selection list.
109-11 03/02/2005 dnsc version - bug fixes related to new payment/credit import processes - receiver credits would not apply to the credit due record - always resulted in "no matching task" - this has been fixed. The date of payment would not be set in the payment/credit due record when payments were applied - this has been fixed. The  payment/credit due record dispute flag would not be reset when full payment was made to a disputed record - this has been fixed. Zero payment/credit amount import records were applied to payment/credit due records - this has been fixed.
109-11 03/02/2005 dnsc version - the disputed labor payment list and disputed equipment credit list have been combined into a single list. The labor payment import list and equipment credit import list have been combined into a single list.
109-11 03/01/2005 dnsc version - bug fix - the technician payment amount was being reset to $0.00 after payment/credit due refresh if in the employee record the technician payment dnsc usage was set to standard payments. This has been fixed.
109-10 02/28/2005 posted - dnsc version - the payment/credit due record in the dnsc job record now has a task-select button. This allows for the manual entry of a payment/credit due record by selecting the desired task from a selection list. The task number, description, type, amount, and service code are then automatically filled in the record. Also, at the users choice, the service code in a newly added payment-due record can be automatically added to the existing dnsc work order record for the job.
109-09 02/24/2005 posted - dnsc version - the dnsc recon spreadsheet has been updated to the new EPP version. Labor payments due and equipment credits due now reflect the service code task number and task descriptions. The  payment and credit import process has been updated to reflect the EPP changes.
109-09 02/23/2005 dnsc version - the user can now import dnsc service code grids directly into the service code database. This allows the user to always have the latest dnsc service codes within CommPay. The service codes shipped with the installer program have been updated to the 02/03/2005 service code grid.
109-09 02/22/2005 all versions - all job notes for a single customer can now be viewed from within the customer record. This is addition to being able to view all job notes from within any job record.
109-08 02/21/2005 posted - serial upgrade
109-07 02/16/2005 posted - dnsc version - dnsc recon result payment import - the recon result import from the EPP web site has been added for both labor recon requests and equipment recon requests.
109-07 02/16/2005 dnsc version - dnsc inventory speed assignment - web remote - a user-defined scanner delay setting has been added for users who use web remote to assign dnsc general inventory in speed assignment via a barcode scanner. The scanner delay setting compensates for various scanners that have differing data dump speeds. This applies to web remote connections only.
109-06 02/15/2005 posted - dnsc version - dnsc inventory speed assignment - technician list - the technician list is now filtered to show only techs assigned to the store logged in. An additional button has been added to rebuild the tech list to show all techs, not just the logged store techs.
109-06 02/14/2005 all versions - satellite sale job record - chargebacks assessed list - the receiver number is now shown on the chargeback list within the job record. This is in addition to the date, amount and description of chargeback.
109-06 02/14/2005 all versions - bug fix - dealer payment import - payment import for chargeback repayment - if the payment being imported was for the repayment of a chargeback that was being disputed the dispute record was not being closed. This has been fixed.
109-06 02/14/2005 all versions - bug fix - dealer payment import - chargeback dispute - the equipment refresh button in the dispute record was not retrieving the correct equipment numbers if the dispute was for a chargeback - this has been fixed.
109-05 02/11/2005 posted - all versions - dealer payment import - when chargebacks are imported via dealer payment import the chargeback amount will now automatically be added to the primary receiver-used record and shown as an additional amount due with the description of 'chargeback assessed'. This will cause the job record to automatically show payments due by the amount of the chargeback(s). This will then prevent subsequent repayment of the chargeback as being shown as an overpayment. This feature can be turned off in program setup by the user.
109-05 02/11/2005 dnsc version - printed dnsc installer worksheet - the printed dnsc worksheet now give the user the option of previewing before print.
109-04 02/10/2005 posted - all versions - dealer payment import - Dish Network dispute records - bug fix - when dealer payments were imported that were payment for a previous chargeback being disputed the dispute record would not be properly closed upon payment - this has been fixed.
109-04 02/10/2005 dnsc version - dnsc general inventory list - an external spreadsheet containing parts numbers, descriptions, etc. can now be imported directly to dnsc general inventory. This allows the user to create a spreadsheet for all inventory records and import the list into the database rather than having to add each record indiviudally.
109-04 02/09/2005 dnsc version - the user can set in dnsc setup to automatically have 4 percent of the total removed from the equipment credit amount on dnsc credit import. This removes the 4 percent shipping reimbursement add-on to dnsc equipment credit memos.
109-03 02/04/2005 posted - dnsc version - labor payment and equipment credit import has been updated to reflect the changes made to the payment and credit formats.
109-02 02/03/2005 posted - all versions - MapPoint mileage checker - mileage checker has been changed so that if a technician has not been yet selected in the job record MapPoint will automatically use the store address as the starting address.
109-02 02/03/2005 dnsc version - bug fix - dnsc receiver inventory record - when saving a dnsc receiver inventory record an erroneous error message was displaying that indicated the dnsc receiver was duplicated in regular receiver inventory - this has been fixed. Also a bug has been fixed that caused the payment insert button to be disabled after the technician was selected.
109-01 02/03/2005 posted - dnsc version - bug fix - dnsc inventory speed assignment - the bug has been fixed that caused the print button for assigned/returned receivers to not appear after receiver assignments/returns have been made.
 released on 02/02/2005
108-08 02/02/2005 posted - all versions - the Dish Network promotions have been updated.
108-08 02/01/2005 dnsc version - inventory speed assignment and inventory speed return - the dnsc inventory speed assignment window can now be used to speed assign and speed return non-dnsc receiver inventory (regular database receiver inventory) in addtition to dnsc receiver inventory.
108-08 01/31/2005 all versions - Dish Network dealer payment import - the dealer payment import has been updated to import the new file type for Dish Network dealer payment downloads. The old file type is still imported in addition to the new file type.
108-07 01/31/2005 posted - dnsc version - inventory speed assignment - the checkbox for "allow store transfers" has been removed as it is not necessary any longer because all receivers are automatically assigned to a specific store when added to inventory. In the dnsc inventory speed assignment window the receiver field length setting now defauts to the matching setting in program setup.
108-07 01/31/2005 dnsc version - retail satellite sales - directv satellite sales will now automatically default to use-retail-receiver-inventory rather than use dnsc inventory even if it is indicated in dnsc program setup to use dnsc inventory for all job types. A dnsc user option has been added in dnsc setup to allow for retail satellite sales to use retail inventory for satellite receivers and use dnsc inventory for general inventory.
108-06 01/28/2005 posted - serial upgrade
108-05 01/28/2005 posted - all versions - the dealer payment import process for RS&I payments has been updated to incorporate the second csv file type used by RS&I - both RS&I dealer payment file types (the old type and the new type) can now be imported.
108-04 01/27/2005 posted - all versions - Dish Network dealer payment import - the payment import process has been updated to incorporate the new $2.00 residual payment for dhp monthly incentives.
108-03 01/25/2005 posted - serial upgrade
108-03 01/22/2005 all versions - printed satellite sale invoice - the Dish Network club dish certificate number has been added to the satellite sale printed invoice.
108-03 01/18/2005 dnsc version - the user now has the option of turning off in dnsc program setup the equipment-used-cost/equipment-credit-amount mismatch message that is displayed when a dnsc job record is saved.
108-02 01/18/2005 posted - all versions - web connect mileage checker - MapPoint technician mileage route report - when generating a technician mileage route report the individual store physical addresses are now used to determine the mileage starting point rather than the system wide starting address.
108-02 01/17/2005 all versions - web connect mileage checker - MapPoint route - jobs can now be exempted from the MapPoint generated route by checking a checkbox in the job record. In program setup a user can now indicate if the MapPoint route order for a job is to be checked for a duplicate route order or an unset route order in all jobs scheduled for the same date/technician when a job record is saved - this applies only to the point-of-sale version.
108-02 01/12/2005 all versions - bug fix - send-backup-to-support - if the user had the autobackup setup set to weekly schedule the send-backup-to-support was sending the wrong backup file - this has been fixed.
108-01 01/07/2005 - posted - serial upgrade
108-01 01/07/2005 - all versions - web connect mileage checker - MapPoint - a user defined decimal rounded option has been added. The user can choose in program setup to have MapPoint's mileage result be rounded to 2 decimal places (default), 1 decimal place, or no decimal places.
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