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what’s new in CommPay  for 2001

60-08 released on 12/18/01
60-07 released on 12/10/01 
60-06 released on 12/06/01 
60-05 released on 12/01/01 
60-04 released on 11/28/01 
60-03 released on 11/26/01 
60-02 released on 11/20/01 
60-01 released on 11/19/01 
57-01 released on 11/15/01 
55-01 released on 11/02/01 
50-02 released on 10/31/01 
50-01 released on 10/29/01 
48-03 released on 9/26/01 
48-02 released on 9/05/01 
48-01 released on 9/04/01 
41-07 released on 8/27/01 
41-06 released on 8/24/01 
41-05 released on 8/23/01
41-04 released on 8/22/01 
41-03 released on 8/16/01
CommPay was originally released in it's original version in October of 2000. CommPay, prior to release 41-03 on 8/16/2001, was implemented in two versions, CommPay 2.0 for Directv, and CommPay 4.0 for Dish Network. With the release of version 41-03 CommPay was merged into a single version - CommPay 5.0.
This upgrade adds additional features to the Employee by Sales report and the Employee by Installations report - you can now display all records, not just the records for a single employee. Bug fix - the employee payment summary had a bug that caused an erroneous summary when the selected employee was both the sales person and the installer in the same sales record - this has been fixed.
This upgrade temporarily disables the File Manager AutoFix feature. A bug in the AutoFix feature is causing erroneous file error reporting. The manual file repair utility is still functional.
This upgrade is a bug fix in the employee payment summary - certain filter combinations would cause inconsistent display of records.
This upgrade corrects for the change in the Dow Electronics downloaded dealer payment report format. Use the CSV/Excel downloaded file rather that the Flat file download. This applies to both the commission report and residual report from Dow Electronics.
This upgrade increases the record size of the contract template and sale tagged letter/contract from 8.4kb to 64kb - this allows for the creation of more sophisticated letters and contracts - you can create an .rtf document via a word processor with tables, lines, and images and import that document into CommPay's form letter and contract records.
This upgrades adds many import fields to the import procedures of CommPay. Both commission record import and satellite receiver record import have been enhanced. The full 226 page users guide can now be downloaded as a Word document.
1)This upgrade consists of a bug fix in the employee payment summary report screen. The bug caused the selling agent to appear on the summary list more than one time if the job was scheduled for more than one installation date - but only when the installation date was selected as the date filter, not when the sold date was selected as the date filter.
1)This upgrades adds a user designated sales tax indicator in the satellite sale invoice - you can indicate the sales taxable amount of a line item even if the unit price is set to zero - this is used in states that require sales tax to be collected on the retail value of a sale rather than on the actual invoice amount.
 2)Bug fix - the payroll summary payment process would under certain conditions mark the employee payment amount in the master sale record with the wrong value - this has been corrected.
3)The Dow Electronics dealer download report has been corrected for a physical change in the format of the downloaded text file - payment amounts were showing as one-hundredth of the correct value because of a shifted decimal point in the downloaded file.
4)A new file manager feature has been added to CommPay - corrupted data files are automatically repaired if a corruption is detected. A new file conversion process had been added which will eliminate conversion errors when a new upgrade is being installed.
5)The printed satellite sale invoice has been modified to allow subtotaling of additional items that are not printed on the invoice - this allows items to be added to the invoice at the customer location.
1)The number of receivers being installed and the promotion name that applies to the sale are now added fields in the master sale record. These new fields print on the invoice, scheduling screen, and printed installation schedule.
2)This upgrade adds multiple payment levels for the installer for the number of receivers being installed - one payment amount for one receiver, another amount for two receivers, etc. The employee record has three new fields - for installer payment amounts for multiple receiver installs.
3)Token selection in letter and contracts has been enhanced by eliminating the need to paste the token into the document after selection - it's automatically pasted and merged with the matching data. Two new tokens have been added - CustomerFullName for the customer's full name and CustomerCSZ for the city, state and address.
4)A discount can now be entered in the invoice.
5)The part number field length has been increased from 20 to 30 and the description field length has been increased from 30 to 40 in the invoice and general inventory record.
6)Bug fix - the downloaded dealer payment report can be printed again - it disappeared after the last upgrade.
7)The promotion, programming, and number of receivers are viewable in scheduling and are on the printed schedule.
1)This upgrades adds the capability to do installer and store assignments to satellite inventory during the inventory speed entry process.
2)For Pegasus dealers - the satellite inventory record now indicates if the buy down for each receiver is Pegasus or Directv.
3)A receiver type field has been added to the satellite inventory record - indicates Dish Network, Directv, or Pegasus.
4)The satellite receiver in-stock list now indicates by color highlighting if a unit has been assigned to an installer or store and to which store or installer. The printed list has been upgraded with more assignment information.
5)All remaining data files have been converted to the TPS format.
6)Bug fix - the satellite inventory note field has been fixed so as to not carry over into the next new satellite inventory record. Note - installing this upgrade will cause the last reconciliation error report to be deleted.
1)This upgrades add a date and time stamp key to the master sale record note field - press a single key to insert the date and time.
2)Bug fix - note field data was transferring from previous master sale record to new record when using quick entry button.
1)This upgrade adds a user-definable marketing description list for sales contact records and a comprehensive marketing summary report feature. 2)Additional employee payment fields have been added for installer #2 and installer #3 in the master sale record.
3)Orphaned commission records from import can now be tagged to a master sale record.
4)The customer phone number is displayed along with the dialer button on the master sale record.
5)The Quick Entry button is made quicker by directly displaying the customer selection list rather than stopping at blank master sale record.
6)The customers name on the credit card is added to the data-merge token list for contract creation.
7)Downloaded dealer payment report list payment amount field expanded to display larger amounts.
8)Inventory import allows the user to indicate if imported satellite inventory records are to be designated as sold or in stock rather than just sold.
9)The selected promotion package in the equipment/commission record can be seen regardless of whether the record is password protected or not.
10)Bug fix in inventory speed entry via external data terminal - corrected for erroneous indication of duplicate records when scanning less than three fields. 11)The executable is now labeled commpay5.exe and the program is broken into eleven .DLL files for release of the POS option.
12)The note field in the customer record has been increased from 150 characters to 1000 characters. Updating of the help files is continued.
1)This upgrade adds a pop-up date selection calendar to every date field in CommPay - with a double-click of the mouse a calendar can be displayed and the desired date clicked on to make the date entry.
2)The activated programming field has been added to the printed invoice.
3)A bug in the satellite speed entry function has been fixed - this bug caused an error when entering satellite inventory records via speed entry when no other inventory records had yet been created.
4)An open-existing-window feature has been added - if CommPay is already running and the user attempts to reload the program the already-running window will maximize rather than load another copy of the program. 5)CommPay can now download satellite inventory data from a scanner/data collection terminal combination besides a wedge-type scanner - this allows a stand alone battery powered scanner to be used to scan satellite inventory remotely and then do a data dump into CommPay via the computers COM port.
This upgrade adds an auto phone dialer feature to CommPay. With a single click of the mouse the customer's phone number is automatically dialed. Updating of the help files is continued.
This upgrade adds the following features; CommPay now has user log-on/log-off for access control throughout the program. Residual and customer liability fields have been added to the promotion package record - this allows the dealer to indicate the amount that will be charged back to the customer on contract default. This data imports automatically into the dealer created contract - additional tokens have been added to the form letter/contract token list. The residual field in the promotion record allows the dealer to decide which equipment/commission records the residual amount is tagged to rather than defaulting to each record. Additional fields have been added to the customer record - spouse name, spouse social security number, customer date of birth, and phone dialer control flags. Additional fields have been added to the employee record - user name, password, and access level check boxes. One-click copy-to-Windows-clipboard buttons have been added to the commission record for serial number, card number, ca-id number, and claim id number. The following files have been converted to .TPS format - employee, comdes, subpromo, promo, flex. Updating of the help files is continued.
This upgrade fixes a bug in the in-stock satellite receiver list which caused sold receivers to be shown as in-stock under certain conditions. Coding for the registration number/password check on program load has been changed to allow for much faster startup. Preliminary coding has been added for the upcoming integrated phone dialer and email features. Adding an equipment/commission record to the master sales record will now automatically add a matching record to the sales invoice. A correction in dealer payment viewing for the Dish 500 Upgrade reporting has been made. The import feature has been modified to automatically extract customer data from imported commission records and create sales records from the import. Updating of the help files is continued.
This upgrade adds a user-definable programming package list that is used as a selection list in the sales contact record and the master sale record. Also added to the sales contact record is support for Pegasus pre-sale contacts.
This upgrade adds Pegasus capabilities to Commpay. CommPay can now be used to track Pegasus sales just as it does for Dish Network and Directv.
This upgrade adjusts for the change in the file structure of the downloaded dealer payment report from All Systems.
This upgrades adds a "Quick Entry" single click button on the main window for one-click entry of new satellite sales records. A receiver type field (primary, slave, replacement) is added to the commission/equipment record.
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