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what’s new in CommPay  for 2002

83-00 released on 11/14/02 
82-00 released on 10/28/02 
81-00 released on 9/27/02 
80-00 released on 9/21/02 
79-00 released on 9/17/02 
78-00 released on 9/10/02 
77-00 released on 8/06/02 
76-00 released on 7/27/02 
75-00 released on 7/16/02 
74-00 released on 7/08/02 
73-00 7/01/02
72-00 6/26/02
71-00 6/17/02 
70-00 6/14/02 
69-00 6/10/02 
68-00 6/07/02 
67-00 6/05/02 
66-00 5/31/02 
65-00 5/07/02 
64-04 5/01/02 
64-03 4/29/02
64-02 4/22/02 
64-01 4/13/02
63-07 4/08/02 
63-06 4/04/02 
63-05 3/27/02 
63-04 3/21/02 
63-03 3/14/02 
63-02 3/11/02 
63-01 3/04/02 
62-08 2/26/02 
62-06 2/19/02 
62-05 2/15/02 
62-04 2/13/02 
62-03 2/11/02 
62-02 2/09/02 
62-01 2/08/02 
62-00 2/06/02 
61-05 1/30/02 
61-04 1/28/02 
61-03 1/26/02 
61-02 1/18/02 
61-01 1/02/02
1)All versions - the Mailing List has been returned to CommPay with the addition of filters for store, sales person, tech, and other filters. The pos mailing list offers additional filtering by customer category, product, brand, and order amount range. The mailing list can be exported to a csv file, a spreadsheet, printed directly to envelopes, labels, or a list.
2)All versions - commission amounts due lists have been updated to allow for password enforced viewing of amounts in Windows XP.
3)POS - a button for viewing a summary of all note fields taken from each job for the same customer has been added to each order entry screen.
4)POS - the printed invoices have been modified to show no amount rather than a zero ($0.00) total at the bottom of the invoice.
5)POS - the shop location has been added to the shop repair printed invoice. 6)POS - a user option has been added allowing for the customer directions to be printed on the satellite sale invoice rather than the user-defined contract. 7)bug fix - pos - the general inventory record has been fixed so the number-lock key will stay on when certain fields are selected. This bug affected only Windows 2000 machines.
8)bug fix - pos - a bug has been fixed that caused the counter sale footer to print on the satellite sale invoice rather than the proper footer.
9)DNSC - letters and contracts have been added to the DNSC job record. 10)DNSC - the remote access program now shows a password controlled viewing of inventory totals on the inventory summary screen.
11)DNSC - the payment/credit import screens now allow for the entry of the credit memo number at the time of record import rather than at the time of payment processing.
12)DNSC - the payments due list has been modified to allow the user to display only completed jobs in addition to all jobs.
13)DNSC - general inventory and receiver records have been given full password protection for all editing functions.
14)DNSC - the service code refresh button in the job record has been given a password and warning screen.
15)DNSC - store and technician changing capabilities has been added to the remote program.
16)service and repair - third party billing has been added to the service and repair job entry screens in addition to the existing satellite sale job entry screen. 17)DNSC - remote access - receiver speed assign now allows transfer from one store assignment to another. General inventory can be transferred from one store to another remotely.
1)All versions - nine new contract tokens for technician, sales person, date scheduled, time scheduled, account number, claim id number, dnsc account number, dnsc job type, and dnsc work order number have been added.
2)All versions - scan count has been added to receiver speed entry.
3)All versions - scheduled list spreadsheet now shows card number and ca-id number in addition to receiver serial number. Also a bug has been fixed that prevented the customer name from showing on this spreadsheet.
4)All versions - the downloaded dealer payment report has been upgraded to reflect the file changes in the download from the CVS website.
5)POS - the note field in the vendor record has been increased from 150 characters to 5k characters and a date/time stamp has been added.
6)POS - the serial number record has been given a 1k character note field. 7)POS - the package part now has quantities and an override price amount. The sub-part can be designated as a discount. A part number lookup button has been added.
8)DNSC - all printing bugs in the remote application have been fixed.
9)DNSC - a spreadsheet output has been added to the service code list. 10)DNSC - Must-Carry codes M14-M18 have been added to the DNSC job record.
11)DNSC - additional tabs for customer name, phone, work order, and account number have been added to the dispatch screen.
12)DNSC - disputed equipment credit reports can be imported separately from regular equipment credit reports. This allows for the spreadsheet difference between the two types of reports.
13)DNSC - the labor/equipment payments due screens show overpayments. 14)DNSC - dispute records will now automatically be closed when labor payments or equipment credits are imported that relate to a disputed amount. 15)DNSC - the assigned-store field has been made a required field in receiver speed entry.
16)DNSC - date/time stamps for note fields has been added to the remote application.
17)DNSC - the 508 model receiver has been added to the remote location receiver import procedure.
18)Web version - the remote connect program allows the user to select activity icons along with an auto-connect time and default connect-to application. 19)DNSC - labor and equipment payment import screens have added to them delete single record, undo single record, undo full batch, import batch tracking, and overpayment notification.
1)All versions - a check box has been added to the satellite sale to indicate a round or oval dish being installed.
2)All versions - the scheduled jobs list can now be exported to a spreadsheet in addition to the existing printed reports.
3)DNSC - receiver records can now be imported directly from a spreadsheet 4)DNSC - must carry codes M9-M13 have been added to the service code file and the drop-down selection list in the DNSC job record.
5)DNSC - the current job open order list has been color coded to indicate jobs past the call in time for both AM jobs and PM jobs. The trigger time can be set by the user in program setup.
1)All versions - the printed list from the scheduled list screen can now be printed in landscape format in addition to the existing portrait format. The landscape format shows additional data fields that will not fit on the portrait format report.
2)Service and repair - the date of completion and job status can now be locked against change - this is password controlled.
3)All versions - the scheduled jobs list can now be set to show completed jobs in addition to all non-completed scheduled jobs.
4)POS and Service and repair - the tech payment information can now be hidden on the service/repair screen and the satellite sale screen. This is password controlled.
5)POS bug fix - the bug causing packaged part numbers to create duplicate part numbers in line item entry has been fixed.
6)POS bug fix - a bug causing computer lockup when viewing certain records in job history has been fixed.
1)All versions - barcodes for the order number and technician number can now be printed on invoices and work sheets - this is a user option.
2)All versions - individual employee payment records can now be deleted from the employee payment summary. This is password protected.
3)All versions - the printed employee list now shows all three employee phone numbers along with descriptions. The user has the choice of printing the employee ssn on the list.
4)All versions - a bug has been fixed in the external commission record import procedure that caused an intermittent error message regarding the cntrl file. 5)POS - the third-party billing printed report now shows the full vendor name and address plus the dealer name.
6)DNSC - all DishPro part numbers have been added and the service code record has been updated to reflect the new part numbers.
7)DNSC - a bulk service-code-refresh button has been added to the DNSC work order list.
8)DNSC - general inventory speed entry part number selection lists now show actual part number and not part description as taken from DNSC setup. 9)DNSC - access to all labor payment and equipment credit lists is now password protected.
1)General - compiler updated to G and H patches, thin client upgraded to v1.2
1)All versions - Echo payment descriptions have been updated for Free For All, Club Dish, and DHP.
2)All versions - pop-up calendars can now be modified by the user for both style and color combinations.
3)POS - a user-defined payment description list has been added for third party billing.
4)DNSC - an updated reconciliation spread sheet has been added that includes dealer notes and actual inventory used.
5)DNSC - a bulk dispute feature has been added to allow payment disputes to be created in-bulk in addition to singly.
6)DNSC - job records can now be accessed directly form the DNSC work order list.
1)All versions - nine new merge-tokens have been added to contract templates, including two additional customer phone numbers, drivers license state, customer directions, contact location, customer record notes, activated programming, and Echo promotion.
2)All versions - the scheduled list has been enhanced to include filtering by zipcode and display order can be set by city, scheduled date, or zipcode.
3)All versions - a printed employee list has been added.
4)All versions - the note field time stamp now inserts the logged-on username along with the time/date.
5)All versions - logon history is now password protected.
6)All versions - the FileFix auto-invoked repair utility now shows the corrupted file at the top of the file list.
7)POS - Third-party billing can now be tracked per job and in-summary. This applies to situations where a vendor such as a fulfillment company is paying for the install rather than Echosphere or Directv.
8)POS - a list of all general inventory records can now be printed.
9)POS, DNSC - A document scan feature has been added. Documents such as contracts can be scanned directly into a CommPay job record and be permanently saved with the job. The scanned-in document can be viewed or printed at any time from within the job record.
10)DNSC - transfers of general inventory from one store location to another is now supported.
11)DNSC - a full one-window inventory and assignment feature has been added. All DNSC inventory can be tracked by assignment to store and/or installer and can be viewed, summarized, and printed from a single location within CommPay.
12)DNSC - the reconciliation spreadsheet template has be upgraded to include new Echosphere reporting requirements.
13)DNSC - the credit memo import now includes an entry field for the credit memo number.
14)DNSC - at the users option trouble-call and must-carry service codes can be filtered out at the time of import.
15)DNSC - tech payments can now be based on service codes in addition to the preset payments and user defined payments within the employee record. 16)DNSC - DNSC job records can now be accessed directly from imported labor payment and equipment credit records.
17)DNSC - labor payments due and equipment credits due can now be exported directly to a spreadsheet.
1)All versions - in the employee record the username and password have been made required fields.
2)Basic CommPay and POS - in dispute setup a contact person and dealer phone number has been added. This will be used in the next upgrade to add disputes to a spreadsheet template.
3)DNSC - a job summary print has been added to the current date open order list.
4)DNSC - full support for general inventory by store location has been added. 5)DNSC - the instock receiver list locator fields have been changed to entry fields to speed up display times.
6)POS - a bug in the daily posting procedure that caused a control file access error has been fixed.
7)Web version - continuing enhancements.
1)All versions - a store location has been added to the employee record. This allows each employee to be assigned to a specific store location.
2)All versions - a forced-logon feature has been added. A user feature can be set in program setup that will make user logon required rather than optional. 3)All versions - a logon/logoff history has been added that tracks logons, logoffs, and bad logon attempts by user name and store location.
4)bug fix - all versions - a bug in the smtp email port number in program setup prevented the entry of more than three characters. This has been fixed to allow for the entry of up to four characters in the smtp email port field. This will allow users who have a satellite broadband internet service that uses a 4-digit port number to use the email functions within CommPay.
5)All versions - the control file format has been switched from .dat to the topspeed driver.
upgrade 73-00 release date 07/01/2002
1)All versions - Dish Network Club Dish imported commission payment reports have been updated
2)All versions - In setup/email configuration the SMTP port number has been increased from 3 digits to 4 digits.
3)All versions - a driver's license number has been added to the customer record. In addition a token for the drivers license number has been added to the contract templates.
4)POS - for satellite sales entering a date completed will move the sale from the ongoing list to the completed list.
5)POS - an inventory total summary has been added.
6)bug fix - pos - the printed service and repair from has been fixed to show the proper footer.
7)bug fix - pos - the printed satellite sale invoice and service and repair invoices have been fixed to prevent line item overrun when more than 14 line items are printed.
8)bug fix - pos - the payment date entry field has been fixed to show the current date on the pop-up calendar.
9)DNSC - field validation has been added to the imported work order records for work order number and account number. This prevents the import of records without the proper data in those fields.
10)DNSC - work order records and equipment credit records can now be imported directly from the downloaded spreadsheet in addition to being imported from a csv file.
upgrade 72-00 release date 06/26/2002
1)POS, Service and Repair, DNSC - The job end-time has been changed to a not-required field unless the date of completion has been entered along with the job start-time.
2)DNSC - a new open order list has been added that tracks job starting and ending times by technician.
3)DNSC - all of the list locator fields have been changed to entry locators from incremental locators - this will speed order location immensely.
4)DNSC - equipment credits can now be imported and reconciled with outstanding credits due.
5)All versions - the web based version of CommPay/CTserv is now completed. This is an option that allows remote users to access the software database located on a central server just as if they were on the local area network.
upgrade 71-00 release date 06/17//2002
1)DNSC - a receiver import from remote location feature has been added. This allows receiver inventory records to be imported into the DNSC receiver database for receivers that were shipped directly to a remote sales sight. 2)DNSC - the 2800 remanufactured receiver model has been added to the receiver database.
3)DNSC - an installer payment amount for Must Carry jobs has been added to the employee record.
4)DNSC - the DNSC open order has been adjusted to allow must carry jobs to be be cancelled without requiring the user to select a Must Carry service code. 5)DNSC - Must Carry job totals have been added to the inventory requirements screen and printed reports.
6)DNSC - the import labor payment process has been adjusted to recognize multiple import file formats. This allows both downloaded and sent labor payment reports to be processed.
upgrade 70-00 release date 06/14/2002
1)CommPay basic - a selectable option has been added to allow the user to choose if the satellite receiver numbers (serial, ca-id, card) are to appear on the invoice.
2)CommPay basic and pos - the dealer download report has been upgraded to adjust for Echo 123 Free Install and Club Dish promotion changes.
3)All versions of CommPay - the store list has been upgraded to include a zipcode list and location list for each store. This is used in job entry to automatically assign the selling store by searching the store list for the customer's zipcode and/or location.
4)Point-of-sale - integrated credit card capture and authorization has been added. Credit cards can be swiped directly into the point-of-sale payment entry screen. This requires the use of PCAuthorize credit card authorization software which interfaces seamlessly with CommPay.
5)DNSC - bug fix - a bug causing an intermittent error message to display when the payment-due screen was displayed has been fixed.
6)DNSC - full support for multiple store locations for scheduling and inventory-requirements has been added.
upgrade 69-00 release date 06/10/2002
1)DNSC - installer payment data and job payment data is now password protected.
2)DNSC - a refresh button has been added to the job payment screen to allow for a manual refresh of service code derived data.
3)DNSC - in the job record Must Carry jobs now allow for the selection of the proper service codes upon job completion. A reminder screen forces the user to select a Must Carry code when the job completed date is entered.
4)DNSC - the DNSC imported record can now be edited directly from the open job order in addition to the DNSC work order list.
5)DNSC - rescheduled jobs are automatically detected upon e-connect record import and rescheduled accordingly. The user is informed when a new import reschedules any jobs. A separate "rescheduled jobs" tab has been added to the DNSC open order list.
upgrade 68-00 release date 06/07/2002
1)All versions of CommPay - bug fix in customer import record - certain types of import files caused a 'file not found' error. This has been fixed.
2)POS - a purchase order total has been added to the purchase order detail list.
upgrade 67-00 release date 06/05/2002
1)DNSC - an inventory needed summary by date range has been added. 2)DNSC - password access for employee payments and job labor payments has been added to the DNSC open order screen.
upgrade 66-00 release date 05/31/2002
1)All versions - the note field in the employee record has been increased from 300 characters to 5k characters.
2)DNSC - service codes have been integrated into the software.
3)DNSC - payment reporting has been revamped to include RSP operations. 4)DNSC - equipment credit and labor payment automatic dispute has been added.
5)Point-of-sale, service and repair, CTserv, and DNSC - Employee payments by description has been added. This allows technician payments to be determined by piece rate, mileage, and productive time along with the existing payment by receiver quantity.
upgrade 65-00 release date 05/07/2002
1)Point-of-sale, Service & Repair, and CTserv - amount paid and balance due totals are added to the printed counter sale, satellite sale, and service and repair invoices.
 2)DNSC option - enhancements to defective returned receivers have been made. Defective returned receivers are now reported on the inventory reporting spreadsheet by customer name, not just by serial number.
upgrade 64-04 release date 05/01/2002
1)Basic CommPay and point-of-sale - In the employee record seller payment amounts have been expanded to include seller payments for 1,2,3, and 4 receiver systems just as CommPay does now with installer payments. This means that you can have selling agent payments determined by the number of receivers being sold with the sale.
2)Basic CommPay and point-of-sale - two additional phone numbers along with descriptions have been added to the employee record.
3)Basic CommPay and point-of-sale - sales contact referral payment tracking has been added. In the sales contact record, in addition to the referral person, you can track referral payment amounts, date paid, and check number. A sales referral list has been added that allows you to view referrals paid and referrals pending payment.
upgrade 64-03 release date 04/29/2002
1)Point-of-sale - full history records have been added with print-from-history capabilities.
2)Point-of-sale - general inventory record, serial number list - three tabs with locators have been added for onhand serial numbers, sold serial numbers, and all serial numbers.
upgrade 64-02 release date 04/22/2002
1)CommPay basic and point-of-sale - the employee satellite payment summary has a filter-by-check field added. You can display all payments made by a single check number.
2)bug fix in basic CommPay - employee satellite payment summary - intermittent bug causing some records not to be marked as paid - this has been fixed.
3)AutoNet feature added - on a network setup all of the clients will automatically upgrade themselves from the server - this means that you only need to install a CommPay upgrade on the server and not the clients.
4)A new installer wizard is being used - this will eliminate the erroneous "install 2nd disk" message that occasionally happens when installing an upgrade from the web site.
5)bug fix - basic CommPay and pos - a bug in the dispute record that gave an error message when the user tried to create more than one dispute in a single batch has been fixed.
upgrade 64-01 release date 04/13/2002
1)CommPay basic and Point-of-Sale - CommPay now has provisions for tracking commercial installs, one-way internet, and two-way internet, in addition to Dish Network, Directv, and Pegasus. The employee payment structure has been enhanced to include separate pays scales for Directv, Dish Network, Pegasus, Commercial, 1-way Internet, and 2-way Internet - this allows the dealer to have a different payment level for sellers and installers for each of the six products. An "Other" choice has also been added to the satellite "type" in the master sale record.
2)CommPay basic and pos - the satellite serial number, card, and ca-id field lengths have been increase from 15 to 30 characters. This is done to accommodate the new model/serial number combination that some manufacturers are using.
 3)pos - the serial number select screen in invoice entry has an enhance locator added - serial numbers can now be located on the select list by using the scrolling locator.
4)DNSC - added features - duplicate s/n check in receiver record, email reports for completed jobs and physical inventory checks, general inventory usage summary and assignment report.
upgrade 63-07 release date 04/08/2002
1)CommPay for DNSC - an integrated email generated report has been added. An email can be sent from within CommPay directly to DNSC operations that documents newly completed and cancelled work orders - this new feature in conjunction with the existing automatically generated inventory reconciliation spread sheet has virtually eliminated all paper work and manual data entry in DNSC operations. CommPay completely automates all DNSC functions.
upgrade 63-06 release date 04/04/2002
1)a FileFix utility is now included with CommPay & CTserv - this is an semi-automated file repair utility that is used to fix corrupted data files. In addition to the manually run FileFix utility, AutoFix is now operational - corrupted data files are automatically detected on program load and repaired, with minimal user input.
2) in pos - a duplicate-phone-number check is done when creating a new customer record - this will help prevent the creation of duplicate customer records.
3)in pos - the purchase order functions have been expanded - parts orders can be emailed to the vendor directly from within the purchase order list, you can place an entire parts order by email with a single click of the mouse - also added are bulk order and receive processing, print parts on order, print parts to order, print purchase order detail list in two reports, purchase order detail password has been changed to control access to status-open records only. Bug fix in purchase orders - intermittent program crash when doing a double cancel-out-of-detail record has been fixed. Bug fix in purchase orders - default quantity to order could not be modified from quantity imported from inventory record when creating a new detail record - this has been fixed. Bug fix in purchase orders - the vendor part number was not importing into the detail record when using the part number selection list - this has been fixed.
4)in pos - features added to the returned parts function - additional display tabs for parts returned by vendor closed and opened has been added. Print lists have been added to the returned parts function.
5)Bug fix in basic CommPay and pos - an intermittent bug causing completed satellite sales to stay on the ongoing-sale list has been fixed.
6)Feature addition to point-of-sale - a full viewable and printable daily posting detail report is now available.
 7)Bug fix in CTserv - in the commissionable sales summary the open orders were not showing in the summary, just the orders in history - this has been fixed. 8)Bug fix - basic Commpay and pos - employee payment summary - intermittent file retrieval error when trying to view sales records from the employee payment summary screen has been fixed.
9)Bug fix - Dish Network reconciliation - updated account numbers and date of activation were being inserted into the commission record but not the master sale record - this has been fixed.
upgrade 63-05 release date 03/27/2002
1)basic CommPay and pos - a check box has been added in the employee record that, when checked, will display a reminder in the satellite sale record if the employee should have a sale or installation payment amount due entered but does not.
2)basic CommPay and pos - an additional import customer-only feature is added - you can import standalone customer records without importing commission data.
3)basic CommPay - satellite inventory can now be shown as returned defective in the inventory record.
4)pos - a purchase order edit password has been added to control access to the purchase order detail record.
5)pos - the scheduling calendar has additional printed reports for print-by-week and print-by-month in addition to print-by-day.
6)pos - the satellite receiver inventory list now prints in the order that the list is displayed rather than just by serial number order.
7)pos - the employee payment summary now searches posted history records along with open order records for employee payment due records.
8)pos - the record-in-use lock flag can now be manually reset in the closed-order-edit report screen.
9)bug fix - basic CommPay - under certain conditions the customer sales history would not display from the customer record - this has been fixed.
10)bug fix - pos - when using an inventory control password the satellite receiver check box in the inventory record would not unlock - this has been fixed.
11)bug fix - pos - the daily schedule list in the scheduling calendar was not resetting when scheduling changes were made in the weekly or monthly calendars - this has been fixed.
12)pos - the open order list has two additional display tabs so orders can be displayed by order status and order type.
13)basic CommPay and pos - default receiver speed entry field lengths have been added to program setup for Dish Network, Directv, and Pegasus separately rather than for all three combined.
14)pos - a feature to track general inventory assignment to installers/technicians has been added - in addition to satellite inventory you can now track general inventory by assignment to installer/technician.
upgrade 63-04 release date 03/21/2002
1)Basic CommPay and pos - a date/time stamp has been added to the note fields in the employee record, customer record, and contact record.
2)Basic CommPay and pos - the customer list can now be displayed and searched by customer address in addition to search by name, phone, and customer number.
3)Basic CommPay and pos - the employee record has an added payment field for service-only jobs in addition to receiver installations - in the satellite sale record you can indicate if the order is for service rather than installation - this causes the employee service payment amount to be imported from the employee record into the installer payment amount in the sale record.
4)Point-of-sale option - employees can be blocked from the scheduling calendar by the day of the week besides a date range.
5)An export-to-Excel worksheet file format has been added to the export features.
6)Bug fix - basic CommPay and pos - a bug has been fixed in the contact record that caused carry over of data from the previously created record - this bug only showed up when the contact record was created from the customer record.
7)Bug fix in point-of-sale - a bug has been fixed that caused an error message when accessing commission records from the commission list for orders that have already been posted to history.
upgrade 63-03 release date 03/14/2002
1)In point-of-sale - the purchase order and inventory return features are fully activated - this give full purchase order and parts return capabilities to the p-o-s option.
2)bug fix in basic CommPay - under certain conditions deleting a commission record would not return the satellite inventory to stock - this has been fixed. 3)bug fix in basic CommPay - an error message was being displayed during the make-payment procedure in employee payment summary - this has been fixed.
4)Basic CommPay and p-o-s - feature addition - the employee payment summary can now be filtered to remove already-paid records.
5)An intermittent bug has been fixed in the commission record import that caused an error message to display concerning the number.tps file.
6)An intermittent bug has been fixed that caused the receiver type to be erased from the commission record when accessing the sale record.
7)In point-of-sale - an intermittent bug has been fixed in end-of-month routine that caused an error message to be displayed concerning the number.tps file. 8)A major option has been added to CommPay - The DNSC dealer option is now available. This option allows independent DNSC Echosphere dealers to use CommPay to download their DNSC service orders and automatically schedule the orders, maintain a totally separate database of DNSC inventory, maintain a full DNSC service history, monitor, track, and reconcile DNSC payments, and much more. This will eliminate about 95% of the mountain of paperwork necessary for DNSC operations. This option is for the independent dealer who also does DNSC service for Echosphere. Optional modules for fulfillment work for RS&I, Metron, and DSI are also being readied.
upgrade 63-02 release date 03/11/2002
1)In point-of-sale - The scheduling calendar has been enhanced by adding a separate list to the day grid portion of the calendar - in employee records you can designate in which order the employee will appear on the day grid of the scheduling calendar.
2)In point-of-sale - all printed reports and invoices can, as a user option, display a printer selection list prior to printing. This is done on a local client basis rather that system wide on a network. Individual work stations can choose, in program setup, to automatically display a printer selection list on selected printed reports rather than use the program setup default printer.
3)In point-of sale - A totally customized satellite sale invoice can be created for users who want to use their own pre-printed invoice/contracts for satellite sales. The cost of this is a one-time charge of $300.00 - we create, in CommPay, the capability to print your pre-printed satellite sale invoice/contract to your exact specifications.
4)Basic CommPay and p-o-s - a "physical location" field has been added to the sales contact record.
5)Bug fix in p-o-s - the selling agent payment amount was not being transferred from the employee record to the satellite sales record - this has been fixed.
upgrade 63-01 release date 03/04/2002
1)In point-of-sale - a calendar based scheduler has been added, this is a major feature addition and allows users with the point-of-sale module installed to do all scheduling with a graphical calendar based scheduler besides the standard list based scheduler. Full on-line help is available for the calendar scheduler feature.
2)In point-of-sale - employee record enhancements, employees can have a range of dates blocked out to prevent them from being scheduled during vacation etc. The employee can be designated as administration, sales, or service - this causes only the appropriate employees to be displayed on employee selection lists.
3)Basic CommPay and p-o-s - The employee payment summary report has an added filter to allow only sales/installations in which all commissions have been paid to be displayed.
4)In point-of-sale - The date of sale has been added back into the satellite sale record.
5)In point-of-sale - A note field has been added to the satellite sale record that will print on the satellite sale invoice.
6)In point-of-sale - bug fix - the inventory sub-heading list has been fixed to allow for selection of the user created list.
7)Basic CommPay and p-o-s - bug fix - a bug causing the loss of the account number when tagging an orphaned commission record to a sale record has been fixed.
8)Basic CommPay and point-of-sale - bug fix - a bug has been fixed that caused improper creation of sale records when an external commission record was imported. This bug caused a duplicate-record error during the import and subsequent conversion.
9)In point-of-sale - bug fix - a bug in the end-of-month routine that caused a duplicate-record error when accounts receivable records are processed has been fixed.
10)Basic CommPay - bug fix - a bug has been fixed that caused a display field shift when a satellite sale record was accessed from the customer sales history list.
upgrade 62-08 release date 02/26/2002
1)The Echo 123-Great TV Installation promo has been added to the internal commission list.
2)In Point-of-sale - the default number of print copies has been made local rather than global - this is for network operation.
3)In Point-of-sale - the check-for-other users in the daily posting procedure has been modified to prevent erroneous error messages.
4)In Point-of-sale - in the customer record access to open orders can now be made.
5)A bug that caused a sharing violation error message when one user loaded the program and another user was currently in program setup has been fixed. 6)In Point-of-sale - A bug in the autoprint-when-closed feature that caused printing to take place when saved rather than closed has been fixed.
upgrade 62-06 release date 02/19/2002
1)This upgrade applies to the p-o-s module - a bug has been fixed that caused an erroneous error message when tagging orphaned commission records to a sale.
upgrade 62-05 release date 02/15/2002
1)This upgrade corrects for a change in the Echo dealer payment report description of DHP-ADDITIONAL type payment - this was causing errors in secondary receiver commission records during reconciliation and is now corrected.
2)Bug fix in p-o-s module - cash counter sales were not correctly calculating sales tax - this has been fixed.
3)Bug fix in p-o-s module - installer payment amounts were not being retrieved from the employee record when a satellite sales record was scheduled for installation - this has been fixed.
4)Enhancements have been made to the satellite inventory lists in the p-o-s module.
upgrade 62-04 release date 02/13/2002
1)Bug fix in p-o-s module - a bug has been fixed that caused a program lockup when accessing the general setup screen - this bug only affected point-of-sale users and then only users with Windows 98SE or Windows 2000.
2)Bug fix in basic CommPay - under certain conditions access to the master sale record from the commission record would generate an access error regarding the opening of the customer.tps file - this has been fixed.
3)The cntrl.dat file has been included in the backup file set - a system that has crashed can now be fully restored by simply downloading and installing the latest upgrade and then doing a restore of your backed up CommPay data.
upgrade 62-03 release date 02/11/2002
1)This upgrade applies to both basic CommPay and point-of-sale. A default set of field lengths for satellite receiver speed entry has been put in program setup - you can indicate the scanned data field length in program setup so as to not have to re-enter the field lengths each time you use receiver speed entry.
2)A scrolling locator has been added to the point-of-sale satellite receiver list along with a print list feature.
upgrade 62-02 release date 02/09/2002
1)This upgrade applies to basic CommPay. In each general inventory record you can indicate if the part number applies to material or labor - this is used in the satellite sales invoice to automatically transfer material, labor, and sales tax totals to the master sale record, eliminating the need to manually enter this information. This feature can be turned on or off as desired.
2)Bug fix - a bug related to the pos conversion that prevented the selection of a receiver from inventory when creating a 2nd commission record has been fixed.
upgrade 62-01 release date 02/08/2002
1)This upgrade fixes a bug that was introduced in upgrade 62-000 that caused erratic commission record creation in installations that did not have the pos module installed. This was caused by changes to the pos module that interacted with non-pos installations.
upgrade 62-00 release date 02/06/2002
1)With this upgrade you can now do a data backup from any computer on the network and not just the computer that is serving as the data host.
2)The upgrade prevents duplicate customer records from being created.
3)This upgrade is the full release of the point-of-sale option and the service and repair option.
4)Bug fix - a bug in the labor/material totaling report that was giving erroneous totals for labor and material entries has been fixed.
upgrade 61-05 release date 01/30/2002
1)Bug fix - fixes the intermittent loss of the display of the customer name and sales tax rate on the satellite invoice screen and printed invoice.
2)Bug fix - fixes the intermittent loss of data-merge in the letter/contract records. 3)Bug fix - this upgrade fixes a bug that prevented the proper update of general inventory quantity on-hand totals when a master sale record is deleted.
4)Bug fix -a bug has been fixed that was causing any zipcode with a leading zero to be shown without the leading zero when doing a data-merge in a contract.
upgrade 61-04 release date 01/28/2002
1)This upgrade makes internal adjustments for the new Echo payment descriptions of DHP Primary, DHP Additional, DHP Additional Install, and 2nd Receiver Free Installation.
upgrade 61-03 release date 01/26/2002
1)This upgrade consists of enhancements to the point-of-sale module and the service and repair module.
upgrade 61-02 release date 01/18/2002
1)This upgrade offers a major enhancement to the printed satellite sales invoice. You can now select one of two invoices to print. The standard invoice has been upgraded with a user-definable header line that prints just below the header at the top of the invoice plus a payment and customer signature area has been added to the bottom of the printed invoice. You can now add your own logo to the printed invoice - create your own bitmap image logo with any basic graphics program and choose to have the logo print at the top of your invoice - customize to suit your needs.
2) Bug fix - a bug has been fixed that was causing a loss of logon data when general setup was accessed thus requiring a re-logon.
3) Bug fix - a bug has been fixed that was causing erratic data transfer from the master sales record to the commission record when the master sale record was accessed directly from the equipment and commission record.
4) Bug fix - a bug has been fixed that was causing any zipcode with a leading zero to be shown without the leading zero in the invoice screen and printed invoice.
5) Bug fix - an intermittant bug causing a memory access error to display when the program was shut down has been fixed. This was associated with erratic writing to the .ini file in the Windows system folder.
upgrade 61-01 release date 01/02/2002
1)This upgrade is a major feature addition to CommPay. A missing payment and chargeback dispute and inquiry feature has been added - you can now, fully automatically, create a dispute/inquiry form and either print for faxing or send via email directly from within CommPay - you no longer need to manually create a fax form to dispute or inquire about a missing payment or chargeback - CommPay creates the form, fully populated with the data, and prints for faxing or emails directly from within the software. CommPay then keeps a permanent record of the dispute and allows for quick and easy monitoring of unresolved and resolved disputes.
2)An additional commission description of "Bonus Payment" has been added to allow for tracking of commissions that are not included in the normal description list.
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