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“I just did my profit and loss statement. Missing equipment in the past was a big problem for my company. The fact was I had to budget for lost or stolen equipment. Money I would want to use for advertising was spent on inventory. This is my second complete year with CommPay and we noticed a difference last year. Techs that would not turn in RAs, equipment that just went missing, 3000' of cable for 10 jobs, and other little things that costed us everyday. We fixed or got rid of some of the problems that caused this loss. Now I am happy to say I will have to redo my budget. Big turnaround for this remaining year. You have a built a great product”. - Kenneth, League City, TX.
“ just wanted to say thank you for making my Friday payroll so much easier!! Dream come true. There are other pros, don’t get me wrong, but the payroll saved me 4 hours this week of my life. That is something to be grateful for.” - Justin, Maryville, TN
“Commpay is an amazing service. It makes Scheduling jobs a breeze and if I have to reschedule anything I just click on the job and drag it to the new date and time. We finally have our inventory accurate thanks to Commpay. We are able to assign inventory to technicians for each job so we have an accurate count of everything in and out of the store. I love that Commpay has a report for everything from leads, to sales, to inventory and then some. I would definitely recommend Commpay to another Retailer.” - Christy, Canton GA.
"Commpay is an amazing creation that not only makes my job easier but makes me money. The organizational structure as well as the all inclusive nature make it a product that any satellite TV retailer would absolutely love to implement in their current operation. Commpay is truly a time saver, a payroll clerk, a secretary and a data entry specialist all wrapped into one. And the price? Can't be beat. Low price, fully feature packed." - Andrew Byrd,
Satellite Activations, LLC - 2010 Directv Dealer of the Year
“Yes. Indeed!!! I actually enjoy doing payroll with your software way more than your competitor where I have to juggle around technicians from one area to another. I am looking forward to discover more interesting features in your software that can enhance productivity. Thanks a lot... - Susan, Plano TX.
“I gotta tell you, I am loving these completion rate reports. It is helping me find where my weakest links are.. this is AWESOME - YOU ARE THE MAN” - Lauren, Bush LA.
“I love how the system is able to be tailored to the individual company.  What works for some companies doesn't necessarily work for others.  The ability to be able to make the program work for YOUR business makes it invaluable to all types of business.  Plus the support response is quick!  No matter what the issue is, it’s addressed quickly so that you can continue to work without delay.” - Bridgett, Pontotoc MS.
“We all just wanted to thank you for the callback feature.   One of our districts  just sent in 70 repairs --  LCD projectors and document cameras—for cleaning over the summer.  The callback / cloning feature cut our entry time to a tenth of before.  We have some very happy techs.” - Gary, Visalia CA.
"Thanks again to Commpay for the great support, I enjoy our phone conversions & knowing that I am talking with someone who actually wrote the software, instead of someone that thinks he knows it all and could not change the software if he wanted to. Your ability to modify the software to fit our individual needs as well as all the satellite companies that use Commpay software are able to benefit from each others needs which benefit the needs of the group as a hole, in-turn benefiting everyone using Commpay's software. CommPay is an outstanding software package for anyone who uses or buys the product." - Rayville, LA
"By the way, we love the software.  I always recommend CommPay to my friends. If anybody ever asks for references, you are welcome to give them my number. Thanks for the great support." - Mobile, AL
"I can't tell you how much we like this program, I wish I had more time to check out some of the features we haven't used yet. In one month I found $3,000.00 of unbilled product that I am sure would have been forgotten. Unbelievable." - Port Angeles, WA
"We use CommPay and like it. Great support. " - Sebastian, FL
"COMMPAYS GREAT!!!! They have been great to work with, and they return e-mail and calls in a VERY timely manner. I WOULD RECOMMEND IT." - Denver, CO
"I have had CommPay for almost a year. I like it. They are constantly updating with new useful features and provide good technical support for when I screw it up". - Flomaton, AL
"Thanks for a great product. We have come to depend on CommPay because of the time it saves us." - American Fork, Utah
"I've been using CommPay almost from the day it was avail. It's great and they have done a great job of upgrades. Some of the best tech support I have dealt with. (the support i needed was due to my own stupidity. Not the software)" - Helena Montana
"Congratulations for this excellent program. I was able to install it in my small network and it works great." - Van Nuys, California
"We are very pleased with the product and the support you are offering. It is so refreshing working with a company that understands the issues of our industry and actually cares about the customers utilizing the merchandise." - Des Moines, Iowa
"I am utilizing the software for the first time and have entered about 30 records and love the ease of use!" - Wichita, Kansas
"The software has enabled us to do so many things we struggled with before. We haven't even done a download of dish payments yet and still have gained many benefits from the use of CommPay." - Wasilla, Alaska
"I just can't express enough how pleased I am with your CommPay 4.0 software. I thought I was pretty thorough keeping track of my commissions, but CommPay has brought me in over $600.00 of commissions I was due but never paid!! Every Dish Network Dealer should be using your program! I will continue to spread the word on what a program you have! I also work in the Computer field installing software and training people in Automotive Dealerships Computer systems all over the USA. So I am a expert in knowing what hassles bad software support can bring and what great software support can do to ease a frustrated Computer User. You are providing excellent support for your product! I had to make two calls for problems that I encountered and both were fixed and resolved in less than 24 hrs. That is Customer Service at its best! Keep up the great work!" - Uniontown, Ohio
"I think the version we now have is worth 100's$$$$$$$ more. Thanks COM-PAY for making my live simpler. Less time for the books and more time for the installs" - Basin, Wyoming
"I got mine about 2-3 weeks ago and it is great . It reconciled commission amounts in minutes and let me see exactly what I have been paid and what was owed to me on each acct.... I can say that Commpay tech support is great and it is definitely a steal at the price" - Pekin, Illinois
"I been using Commpay for about a month or so, and can't believe how much easier it has made my my LIFE!!!!!> Wish I'd had it 3 years ago.... I think it is a fantastic product for the bucks" - Detroit, Michigan
"Been using mine for about a month, and I like it very much. The free regular updates are great too." - Bolivar Tennessee
"I just started using CommPay a few weeks ago. I like it very much so far. I am a small dealer, and was using a spread sheet in microsoft works to keep track of things. I find this to work much better for me. I am convinced it was money well spent." - Phoenix, Arizona
"Wish I had CommPay years ago" - Metaire, Louisiana
"for what its worth, you're service (and product) seem impeccable to me..... All of you're promises have been met and in many cases exceeded. I hope to frame my new business around that sort of dedicated customer service." - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
"CommPay.... Hope you all continue to take care of Business in the future the way you have up to now." - Harris, Oklahoma
"CommPay has gone beyond my wildest expectations. Thanks for the great job." - Sheridan, Wyoming

"Talk about service...." - Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin

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