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CommPay Software for HughesNet

For much more detailed information regarding CommPay for HughesNet click here to download the CommPay for HughesNet Introduction.

CommPay Software has created, in conjunction with two of the largest HughesNet fulfillment and selling dealers in the country, a software package that gives complete control of your entire HughesNet and satellite retailer operation in one software package.

CommPay Software automates all facets of your HughesNet and satellite retailer operation including but not limited to these functions;

  • Automated importing and updating of your jobs from the HughesNet web site
  • Automated generation of what you are owed by HughesNet, your distributor, and your customers
  • Automated payment import and reconciliation for dealer payments, equipment credits, RA credits, and customer sales
  • Automatic tracking of technician payments and job chargebacks
  • Detailed inventory tracking - you will never loose or misplace inventory again - you will always know which tech and warehouse has what inventory
  • Automated RA submission, email forwarding of shipping labels, and tracking of returned shipments
  • Tracking of job consumables and customer sales along with technician sales commissions
  • Automated handling of documents and images - the technician uploads all images and documents through the CommPay tech web portal - the software then attaches the documents and images to the job record, resizes the files if necessary, and automatically emails all images and documents to the distributor
  • A graphic-type scheduling calendar allows for drag-and-drop scheduling of jobs and assignment to technicians - any action taken in CommPay is immediately mirrored to the HughesNet web site. CommPay Software does all the communication with the HughesNet web site so you don't have to
  • The technician accesses work, uploads images and documents, prints reference sheets, adds inventory, RAs equipment, and all other remote functions via the CommPay web portal
  • Fully automated HughesNet sales along with automated import of sale payments from HughesNet
  • Tracking of sales commissions for sales people
  • Track sales of consumable material goods to technicians and automatically debits the technician pay
  • Plus many, many more features you want and need and many features you can't even imagine

The above list is just a summary of the features of CommPay Software for HughesNet. There are literally dozens of features not mentioned.

  • CommPay Software provides all of the functions for retail satellite sales and installations - for both Directv and Dish Network.
  • If you are involved in retail operations, such as a store front, CommPay Software has full point-of-sale capabilities.
  • CommPay is designed to manage all service, installation, and repair job types - not just satellite broadband and satellite television.

Best of all, CommPay Software runs on your server - the entire database and software is located on your hardware at your location and CommPay has its own built-in web server for remote access. Remote technicians can use any web browser to access their jobs.

With CommPay for HughesNet you will no longer need to run multiple software packages, spreadsheets, and databases. Every aspect of your operation is contained within one comprehensive but easy to use software suite - CommPay is specifically designed to meet your needs as a HughesNet contractor, dealer, and satellite retailer. And you will no longer have the never ending monthly payments for the software you might currently be using. CommPay is not tiered in any way - there is no limit to the number of jobs or sales that you can create or make.

Below are a few quotes from users of CommPay for HughesNet:

"CommPay cut our office overhead by 24%!" - Jessica Davis, Management

"My dispatchers fell in LOVE with the drag and drop calendar! And our installers like being able to log in to the tech web portal to view upcoming jobs, as well as previous jobs. If an installer has a job that cancels, all he has to do is pull up the tech web and he has a list of scheduled jobs that he can call to move the appointments up automatically. He doesn't have to call the office, and it helps our daily completion rate!" -Lauren Ingram, Administration

"The tech portal keeps up with my pay and my inventory - CommPay tech portal automatically alerts the office when I'm running low on equipment. AND if I sell a system, I can place the order myself. I have even used it on my smart phone to view my schedule for the next day while waiting for the modem downloads to finish!!" -Installer #825852

"Having been a dealer for quite a few years, I was a skeptical when approached by my management staff about considering CommPay Software. They explained to me all the features that it could manage automatically - and they were SO SURE OF IT... That made me even MORE skeptical. You know the old saying, 'When it sounds too good to be true....' So, I sat down with my management team and we made a list. We compared CommPay with the way we were operating at that time - and after some convincing I decided to give it a shot. And thank goodness I did! I couldn't ask for anything better than satisfied staff and installers! I'd buy it again if I had to! I proudly recommend it to everyone who is in this business. Personally, my favorite thing about CommPay is that this program can easily grow with my business." Sharon Simmons, Fulfillment Dealer

"I, personally, wasn't looking forward to a change in our daily routine. But once I was trained and understood how everything interacts together, I became a total believer. We can pull our unscheduled jobs into a single list. It also catches all the jobs that are pre-scheduled by the sales agents. We don't have to send emails anymore with each tech's schedule and attach the paperwork for each job. The installers pull all of that information from the CommPay tech portal! I appreciate the tech portal even more than the installers - if that's even possible!!" - Katlynn Davis, Dispatch Team Leader

"I agree with Katlynn. Because we spend less time doing things like, sending emails, and logging into multiple sites, the dispatchers get to spend more time focusing on keeping the schedules as concise as possible. This makes a happier installer and a more satisfied customer!" - David Maldonado, Dispatch & Customer Service Facilitator

You don't have to take our word for any of this - the full software package can be run for a trial period - the proof is in the pudding, as they say. We can even give you the names and phone numbers of happy users who are taking advantage of the immense benefits of software specifically designed for your business.

CommPay Software pays for itself in a very short time by reducing your labor costs, increasing your operating efficiency, giving you spot-on inventory control, monitoring receivables, and by expanding your businesses capabilities.

Please contact us now for more information and let us setup a demo of the software so you can see for yourself that CommPay Software for HughesNet is the real deal.

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